2010-07-25 Chris SalchA very very crude login controller and form. This... master
2010-07-25 Chris SalchCleaning thins up a bit, just realized I didn't do...
2010-07-25 Chris SalchAnother thing to ignore
2010-07-25 Chris SalchUpdated the scripts
2010-06-27 Chris SalchAdded temlpating via Mason, that may be over kill for...
2010-06-27 Chris SalchAdding dependency for mason
2010-06-27 Chris SalchMeta is not needed afterall
2010-06-27 Chris SalchAdjusting ignore and adding in META
2010-06-27 Chris SalchSetting up a basic catalyst application
2010-06-27 Chris SalchAdding a basic gitignore