2010-12-18 Chris SalchI have a very very crude hashtable-set! working. This... master
2010-12-17 Chris SalchPlaying with hash tables, very crudely.
2010-12-17 Chris Salchadded libexception
2010-12-16 Chris SalchMissed this in the previous commit
2010-12-16 Chris SalchTrying to split some things out more
2010-12-16 Chris SalchAdding a little more granularity to the source tree...
2010-12-13 Chris SalchHas to be a proc.
2010-12-12 Chris SalchOk, so with-exception-handler requires a lambda to...
2010-12-12 Chris SalchWhy is the scheme repl blowing up?
2010-12-12 Chris SalchWell, the scheme version of the repl is not really...
2010-12-12 Chris Salch Working on getting exception handling working to some...
2010-12-12 Chris SalchSetup the set_exception macro
2010-12-12 Chris SalchAdding a backtrace on segfault. Shouldn't be needed...
2010-12-12 Chris SalchI was saving the wrong stack before
2010-12-12 Chris SalchRebuild the build tree
2010-12-11 Chris SalchCleaning up for out of source build libs
2010-12-11 Chris SalchConverting tests, a few of the macro tests didn't make...
2010-12-11 Chris SalchWorking on converting tests
2010-12-11 Chris SalchWorking on converting tests
2010-12-11 Chris SalchWorking on converting tests
2010-12-11 Chris SalchConverting tests to new library
2010-12-11 Chris SalchAdding test
2010-12-11 Chris SalchWorking on a cleaner testing library
2010-12-11 Chris SalchTests for crude exception handline
2010-12-11 Chris SalchWorking on test cases
2010-12-10 Chris SalchPulling in bunny-unit code to play with.
2010-12-10 Chris SalchA little code cleanup
2010-12-10 Chris SalchPlaying with library loading
2010-12-10 Chris SalchAdded a very crude form of macros
2010-12-09 Chris SalchWell, a crude dlopen based plugin loader. Very Very...
2010-12-09 Chris SalchWorking on a shared build.
2010-12-08 Chris SalchOut of source build works with tests.
2010-12-08 Chris SalchGetting an out of source build working.
2010-12-07 Chris SalchOk, this is rigged to run a very crude scheme based...
2010-12-07 Chris SalchWorking on getting some exception handling, very primit...
2010-08-22 Chris SalchFix segfault in repl
2010-08-20 Chris SalchAdding a license file since I've movved this to github
2010-06-27 Chris SalchAdding a readme
2010-04-02 Chris SalchWorking on splitting eval off into it's own library
2010-03-02 Chris SalchMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-03-02 Chris SalchWorking on parsing the library definitions from our...
2010-03-02 Chris SalchStub libraries for testing purposes only
2010-03-02 Chris SalchStarting work on code for a very basic library loader
2010-03-02 Chris SalchAdjusting comments
2010-02-22 Chris SalchFixed warnings on 32bit
2010-02-21 Chris SalchAdded vector-map and testing
2010-02-21 Chris SalchCode cleanup
2010-02-21 Chris SalchAdded spec test cases. I left out the one that uses...
2010-02-21 Chris SalchAdded map and tests
2010-02-21 Chris SalchAdded vector-foreach
2010-02-21 Chris SalchAdded vector-fill!
2010-02-21 Chris SalchFilling in the vector tests
2010-02-21 Chris SalchTest cases for vectors
2010-02-21 Chris SalchFixes for vectors
2010-02-21 Chris SalchAdded test case for (equal? '() '())
2010-02-21 Chris SalchFixed a bug where () was not equal to itself
2010-02-21 Chris SalchAdded some basic tests for equality on vectors
2010-02-19 Chris SalchAdded vector vector->list and list->vector. Still...
2010-02-15 Chris SalchAdded vector-ref and vector-set!
2010-02-15 Chris SalchParser now handles vectors
2010-02-15 Chris SalchAdded vector-length
2010-02-15 Chris SalchAdded vector?
2010-02-15 Chris SalchCode to allocate and display a vector
2010-02-15 Chris SalchAdded a few things to .gitignore
2010-02-15 Chris SalchFixed last pedantic warning, why did I need to print...
2010-02-15 Chris SalchTurned on pedantic
2010-02-15 Chris SalchIt is now possible to specify a floatnum as <int>/...
2010-02-15 Chris SalchAdding required code for complex numbers . . . COMPLEX...
2010-02-15 Chris Salchstring->number now works with nan and inf
2010-02-15 Chris SalchAdded in nan and inf
2010-02-14 Chris Salchlet, let*, letrec, and letrec* These appear to work...
2010-02-14 Chris SalchAdded the let* form of let
2010-02-14 Chris SalchAdded testing for equal
2010-02-14 Chris SalchRemoved a ? that had made it into the expected string
2010-02-14 Chris SalchAdjusted to count non-eyeball test suites
2010-02-14 Chris SalchCode cleanup
2010-02-14 Chris SalchNow that I have the test data right, it would appear...
2010-02-14 Chris SalchAdded another batch of tests for car/cdr
2010-02-14 Chris SalchWorking through a comprehensive test suite for car...
2010-02-14 Chris SalchMoving this to automated testing
2010-02-14 Chris SalchTests for and/or now match up with the r6rs spec
2010-02-14 Chris SalchStarted working on an automated testing suite
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdded in hex encoded characters. Next I'll need to...
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdded character interpolation to parsed strings. There...
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdded in partial character interpolation in strings...
2010-02-13 Chris SalchFixed a bug with string interpolation in the lexer
2010-02-13 Chris SalchA more functional version of the script
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdded the number? predicate. I don't have a full numer...
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdded util.scm as a place to put anything that doesn...
2010-02-13 Chris SalchFixed cleanup so that it propperly handles a parser...
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdded primitive real?
2010-02-13 Chris SalchI miss spelled eyeball somewhere back there
2010-02-13 Chris SalchIt's a bit over kill but create a new parser instance...
2010-02-13 Chris SalchHopefully, this will separate isolate read and load...
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdded in integers
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdding a very incomplete display
2010-02-13 Chris SalchMissed these in the last commit
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdded standard-error-port and standard-output-port
2010-02-13 Chris SalchCleaning things up so that we have a #t at the end...
2010-02-13 Chris SalchAdded in the variadic version of for-each and test...