2009-03-17 Chris SalchCleaning up the grammer a little. master
2009-03-09 Chris SalchRemoved some cruft code that was not needed in
2009-03-08 Chris SalchThe dist target now includes examples
2009-03-08 Chris SalchMake sure that all needed .h files make it into the...
2009-03-08 Chris SalchAdding in a bootstraphing script
2009-03-08 Chris SalchVersion Bump
2009-03-08 Chris SalchA little clean up for a release version
2009-03-08 Chris SalchCleaning up some examples
2009-03-08 Chris SalchCleanning up some backup files
2009-03-08 Chris SalchTweaked the build file to allow for global options.
2009-03-08 Chris SalchIt works now while reading an input file with bf code...
2009-03-08 Chris SalchA working test case and no more garbage on the input
2009-03-08 Chris SalchA very simple working bf interpreter. It could really...
2009-02-26 Chris SalchAdding in the dependency
2009-02-26 Chris SalchBuilding with a library reference
2009-02-26 Chris SalchTrying a few other options
2009-02-26 Chris SalchRearranging things a little bit
2009-02-26 Chris SalchThese are needed by automake
2009-02-26 Chris Salchmaking this actually do something
2009-02-26 Chris SalchPulled out libtool
2009-02-26 Chris SalchA tweak to how the Makefile is generated
2009-02-26 Chris SalchAdded in a missing AC_CONFIG_FILES line
2009-02-26 Chris SalchAdding a
2009-02-26 Chris SalchA few more things to ignore
2009-02-26 Chris SalchSetting up for automake
2009-02-26 Chris SalchAdded a few tests
2009-02-26 Chris SalchInitial import