descriptionAn bootstrap implementation of scheme following
last changeSat, 18 Dec 2010 06:20:40 +0000 (00:20 -0600)
2010-12-18 Chris SalchI have a very very crude hashtable-set! working. This... master
2010-12-17 Chris SalchPlaying with hash tables, very crudely.
2010-12-17 Chris Salchadded libexception
2010-12-16 Chris SalchMissed this in the previous commit
2010-12-16 Chris SalchTrying to split some things out more
2010-12-16 Chris SalchAdding a little more granularity to the source tree...
2010-12-13 Chris SalchHas to be a proc.
2010-12-12 Chris SalchOk, so with-exception-handler requires a lambda to...
2010-12-12 Chris SalchWhy is the scheme repl blowing up?
2010-12-12 Chris SalchWell, the scheme version of the repl is not really...
2010-12-12 Chris Salch Working on getting exception handling working to some...
2010-12-12 Chris SalchSetup the set_exception macro
2010-12-12 Chris SalchAdding a backtrace on segfault. Shouldn't be needed...
2010-12-12 Chris SalchI was saving the wrong stack before
2010-12-12 Chris SalchRebuild the build tree
2010-12-11 Chris SalchCleaning up for out of source build libs
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